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2021 Resurrection Super Bowl Squares

for Outreach Ministries


The Rules:

  • Cost is $25 per square.

  • No limit on number of squares you can purchase.

  • Payment is due immediately.

  • WINNER will be announced at end of each quarter.

  • Winnings are based on the number of squares sold.

  • Maximum winnings are $125 for each of Quarters 1 through 3, and $500 for end of game. If winning square was not purchased, winnings go to the church.

  • Pool closes one hour prior to game time.

  • Score numbers will be randomly assigned prior to the game by

  • An updated square board will be posted on the REC website.


Select your squares online at or by contacting Jan Kay at 770-371-4570.


How to Select Super Bowl Squares Online:

1. Logon on to and select SIGN UP (top of page on right side).

2. [Next Page] Enter your name, email address, USER NAME and create a password.

Your USER NAME is the initials of your first and last name, and the last three digits

of your telephone number. (For example, the USER NAME for John Brown with

phone number 555-222-8765 would be JB765.) Select your own password.

After entering the required information, check the boxes accepting the Privacy Policy and

Terms of Use, and verifying that you are not a Robot. When finished, select REGISTER at

the bottom of the page.

3. [Next Page] Scroll down to the YOUR POOLS section in middle of page and select JOIN.

4. [Next Page] Scroll down until you see Super Bowl Squares Pools on the left side, and

select JOIN NOW.

5. [Next Page] Enter POOL ID 21394, POOL PASSWORD REC1755, and select JOIN POOL.

You may have to “clear” info that automatically appears in the boxes.

6. [Next Page] CONFIRM the pool you are trying to join is REC Super Bowl Fundraiser.

7. [Next Page] Select PICK SQUARES at the top of the page.

8. [Next Page] Select a square by checking an empty box. When finished, click on SELECT

SQUARES at the bottom of the page. Square Picks Saved! should appear at the top of

the grid. You will also have the option to “View Grid” which allows you to see all of the

squares that have been sold. When finished, scroll to the top of the page, click on your

Login ID (right side at top) and select LOG OUT.


How to Pay:

Pay by Check - Make check payable to Resurrection Episcopal Church, write “SB Fundraiser” in theMemo/ For section, and mail or deliver the check to the church.


Pay by PayPal - Log on to REC website and select DONATE. Enter the amount, select “Super Bowl Squares” under the newly added “Use this donation for” section, and select payment method.


Pay by Cash - Deliver cash to the church administrative office between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Include note with your name and that money is for 

Super Bowl Squares. Call in advance to make sure someone is going to be there to receive the money.

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