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Station 9

Jesus Falls the Third Time


Gary D'Abate

Painting by Jen Norton

The long and painful journey continues. His body is crumbling under the weight of suffering. His hands are pressed to the ground as though in prayer. He has become completely exhausted. His strength is depleted. And, it isn’t even over for him.


For Reflection:


How can the smallest task be so tiring? What’s wrong with me? Am I breaking down? Shouldn’t I be able to suck it up and keep going? I mean, the “numbers” are still climbing and I’m becoming numb to the news. How can I stay alert to what is happening?




Jesus reminds us that he knows the experience of walking in fear and uncertainty. He knows the terror, the questions, the fright that accompanies such a journey. In the midst of this pandemic, we remember those who are fearful, in pain, and those who like Jesus will not recover from a third fall. Also, name the burdens you’re carrying to God. May Jesus be especially present to each of us as we seek to continue on.


Pray in silence for all who are struggling with fear and uncertainty.



When you’re ready, offer this prayer and move to the next station.


Prayer: We adore you, O Christ and we bless you. Because by your Holy Cross, you have redeemed the world. Amen.

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