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Station 10

Jesus Is Stripped


Brandon Nonnemaker

Painting by Jen Norton

As if collapsing three times is not enough, Jesus endures the final act of humiliation for this condemned prisoner: the stripping of his garments. As Roman authorities strip Jesus, they remove what little is left of his dignity and personhood. He is now nearly naked and unidentifiable from the others who will be crucified with him. 


For Reflection:


There is a turning point when things have reached their worst, a turning point not in our circumstances but in our attitudes. When nothing we imagined about Easter, high school or college graduations, proms, or weddings has come to pass and may never be, we begin to see what treasure life alone is.




In this moment of profound vulnerability, Jesus stands with all poor and marginalized people experiencing this pandemic. We remember the homeless, who cannot self-isolate; prisoners, who cannot maintain social distance; and the poor, who are without health insurance. We pray also for policy makers, that their decisions will support the vulnerable, keep us safe, and inspire us to protect one another.   


Pray in silence for the poor, the homeless, prisoners, and all policy makers.


When you’re ready, offer this prayer and move to the next station.


Prayer: We adore you, O Christ and we bless you. Because by your Holy Cross, you have redeemed the world. Amen.

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