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Pastoral Care


At Resurrection, Pastoral Care is not just the responsibility of the the Rector.  We have several groups who respond to pastoral care needs in our Parish:  Community of Hope and the Caring Ministries Team are just two of the opportunities for you to participate in this important ministry.  


Community of Hope

Community of Hope is a program that trains lay people to participate in pastoral care by being a "representative" in a listening, compassionate, non-controlling manner to an individual or group for the purpose of consciously or unconsciously representing God to them and seeking to respond to their spiritual needs.  One of the essential responsibilities of Community of Hope members is taking communion to parishioners who are unable to attend church.


Caring Ministries Team

The Caring Ministries Team, led by Madeline Braswell, provides meals to parishioners who are just returning from the hospital, had a death in their family or who have welcomed a new baby to their home.  

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