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Become a member of the Episcopal Church of the Resurrectionember

Most of us are searching for something larger than ourselves—for connections that are real and meaningful. We invite you to explore further. Resurrection offers many ways to go a bit deeper and discover a warm caring community and a place of belonging while you get to know us and what we stand for. You will be warmly welcomed and shown full respect for where you are in your faith journey, whether that means you want to take it slowly and tentatively, or jump right in.

You may become a member of Resurrection through:

  • Baptism

  • Transfer of membership from another Episcopal Church

  • Reception from another denomination into which you were baptized or confirmed

  • Confirmation (an adult affirmation of baptismal vows)

  • Expression of intent – you wish to become a member.


Baptism takes place in the context of a public ceremony in which the gathered community of Christians all participate in welcoming a new member into the Church. Baptisms are held at least four times a year:

  • All Saints Day (November)

  • The Baptism of Jesus (January)

  • The Easter Season (April and May)

  • The Day of Pentecost (May or June).


To download the Baptism Request form, click here.


What about confirmation or Reception for adults?
Confirmation is the rite through which a mature, public affirmation of baptismal vows is made. Those being confirmed receive strength from the Holy Spirit through prayer and the laying on of hands by a bishop. Reception is the act of being received, by a bishop, into the Episcopal Church from another denomination.

Classes for Confirmation/Reception are offered throughout the year. Each class is designed to acquaint you with the biblical basics as taught and practiced in the Episcopal Church. Attendees will be exposed to the Book of Common Prayer, the hymn books of the Episcopal Church, the Polity of the Episcopal Church and the core theology at the heart of the Gospel. Group discussion is always an integral part of learning and questions are welcomed. You do not need to be preparing for either in order to attend nor do you need to commit to being confirmed or received. These classes are open to everyone who wants to learn more about the Episcopal Church and wants to grow more in their own faith journey. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to become members of the Resurrection community.

What about confirmation for younger people?
Confirmation is no longer considered as an early teen rite of passage. Classes are recommended for older teens, who of their own free will (not coerced by parents) choose to take the class. It is not necessary for teens to commit to confirmation in order to attend classes. The class will involve group discussion and a service project.

Contact us so we can show how membership will work for you.

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